Hello my name is Arjob Mukherjee. I live in Asansol, India.

It is a nice place, a place where the things run a little slow compared to the rest of the world. I like it. I will tell you more about this place later. Now lets talk about this blog. This blog is about my hobbies, and that includes Electronics, Computer Software, and recently I began liking Mathematics.
I also like to roam around and see places and I love history, particularly history concerning common people. The roaming habit of mine had me get police warnings many times. 🙂

As of my academics, I am in University now, but I think there are so many things I need to revise. Exams were given but knowledge was never gained. So I am re-studying these things – algebra, calculus, probability etc, in my own way – by doing  experiments. I will post about my studies and the experiments I do, here. I expect feedback, and please, point out my mistakes.

I consider myself a “weak nerd”, and I hope this blog will help people alike, to be brave and never fear failures.